8/25 - TEL is playing District 13 - LA's Birthday!

 The Essex Lights are damn thrilled to be a part of of District 13's 1st birthday party on10/15 and intend on rocking that place. This joint is like our "Cheers" - Benzo practically lives there - and that's because the place is f'ing rad. The D13 folks are amazing, and we can't wait to do our little part to help them celebrate..

So come on out, drink some great beers, eat some great food, check out some great art, and see the Essex Lights live at our favorite bar in Hollywood!

(That, or you can just spend your evening at one of those other "club-du-jour" catastrophes up the street - standing behind some red rope like an asshole, all in hopes that you may be afforded the privilege of drinking a warm, twelve dollar beer hurled at you by a scowling, belligerent "actor" while the morons-in-miniskirts / bedazzled douches form their dolt-pairings and perform the palsied "mating dance o' the dim" to the sweet grooves generously upchucked by DJ XTREME BEATZ's iPod.)

The choice is yours.

Tickets are available on District 13's page, or you can just get 'em at the bar. (as our crew ever needs an excuse to go to the bar...)

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