7/16/12 - Free Show at the House of Blues Parish Room / Steel Panther Preparty!!!

 Hey all!  

We're super-stoked to announce that we're going to be playing the pre-party for STEEL PANTHER's show on 7/16 @ the House of Blues Parish Room in Hollywood.   Entry to this show is 100% FREE (21+ please) and gets you a discount into Panther's show in the main room when we're all done.  Best of all, it's Benzo's birthday - so after we're done sweating and bleeding, we're gonna put away the guitars and get our faces melted by Steel Panther.  Steel Panther, the Essex Lights, a great deal of whiskey - all and all, a pretty dope time to be out in LA -  It's going to be a fucking blast! 


michael, grady, ben

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